Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogger Spam Inspector Person

Dear Blogger Spam Inspector Person, please don't banish me to the wilderness. I really like it here!! If i've messed up tell me, I can fix it (takes out plastic screwdriver)


Roys! said...


vargas said...

Have you seen the steam punk Star Wars desktops by Eric Poulton? Really awesome! I don't know if you'd be allowed to post them here but here is the url for are the desktop pics in the series:

Nice blog, btw. I have your A Scanner Darkly series. Really nice!

The Elderly said...

Hi Roys, seemingly my blog displayed the characteristics of a Spam blog... which dosen't say alot for my prose... blogger were worries so in order to post i had to fill out a code each time.

thought this my satiate the gods of blogger.. and apparently it worked

Hi vargas, thank you a beautiful and quite unusual collection... i'll track down source and see what copywright restrictions exist..

capitivating film a scanner darkly, time to watch it again....