Thursday, November 30, 2006

Green Day Wallpaper

Green Day is widely credited, along with fellow California bands The Offspring and Rancid, with reviving mainstream popular interest in punk rock in the United States during the mid 1990s. Their success has influenced prominent pop punk bands like Sum 41 and Good Charlotte.

The band has sold over 30 million albums in the United States, and over 70 million records worldwide, thus making them the most successful punk band of all time. Green Day currently has three Grammy Awards under their belt for Alternative Album for Dookie, Best Rock Album for American Idiot, and Record of the Year for their single "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Departed Wallpaper

A gritty crime drama from director Martin Scorsese takes us into the lives of two cops:

Colin Sullivan (Damon)
, smart and unabashedly ambitious, appears to be on the fast track in the Massachusetts State Police Department's elite Special Investigations Unit, whose prime target is powerful Irish mob boss Frank Costello (Nicholson).

Billy Costigan (DiCaprio), street-smart and tough, is purported to have a violent temper that costs him his badge and eventually lands him back on the rough streets of South Boston, where he is recruited into Costello's ranks.

But neither man is what he seems and, as they work at cross purposes, they are plunged into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which the stakes could not be higher.

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Daria Werbowy Wallpaper

One of the world's most sought-after models, and Canada's current No. 1 beauty symbol. Along with having strutted for the biggest names in the fashion world, Daria has one of the most impeccable booking records of recent times (Prada, Prada fragrance, Gucci, Chanel X 2, YSL, Missoni), a major W cover and a near monthly Only Girl rotation in US Vogue.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Wallpaper

A mmorpg, SUN incorporates console-style game mechanics into a classic massively multiplayer online role playing game. An epic tale in a world of emperors, armies, magicians and monsters set to an original soundtrack by Howard Shore, Academy Award winner and world-renowned composer. Players can form a party from thousands of gamers using Soul of the Ultimate Nation’s Battle Zone System and embark on a graphically stunning and ever-expanding online fantasy world that is ready for action when the players are.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Superman Wallpaper

Superman is a fictional character and one of the most famous and popular comic book superheroes of all time. Created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian-born artist Joe Shuster in 1932 while both were growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, and sold to Detective Comics Inc. the same year Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 (June 1938), the character has since appeared in radio serials, television programs, films, comic books, newspaper strips and video games.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ayane Wallpaper

Ayane is a character from the video game series Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, her appearance in the series started as an unplayable training dummy in the Sega Saturn port of the original Dead or Alive. Ayane is quiet and reserved, and tries to forget her traumatic experiences as a child, where she was viewed as a "cursed child".

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Kiddy Grade Wallpaper

Kiddy Grade is a science fiction, anime series running across 24 episodes, produced in 2002 and created by gímik and Gonzo Digimation and directed by Keiji Gotoh.

The human race has expanded and now inhabits a multitude of planets. Crime has grown alongside technology and the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT), is formed as a universal police force.

Within this organization, there is a special (and secret) branch known as the ES Force (ES standing for "Encounter of Shadow-work"), consisting of twelve young people that possess amazing superpowers. Each ES members operate in pairs, and the series' focus is a team of two low-level members, Eclair and Lumiere. The series follows their missions as Eclair starts to experience violent flashbacks of events that some wish she would not remember.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jessica Simpson Wallpaper

Jessica Ann Simpson (born July 10, 1980 in Abilene, Texas) is an American pop singer and actress who rose to fame in the late 1990s. She has at the time of posting achieved 7 Billboard Top 40 hits and has five gold and two multi-platinum RIAA certified albums.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

F.E.A.R Wallpaper

F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) is a horror-themed first-person shooter developed by Monolith Productions and published by Vivendi. It was released on October 18, 2005 for Windows. An Xbox 360 version of F.E.A.R. was developed by Day 1 Studios, with a PlayStation 3 version set for release on November 17, 2006.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Project Gotham 2 Wallpaper

Project Gotham Racing 2 is a racing game for the Xbox, a the sequel to the highly successful Project Gotham Racing. The Kudos system, challenges set, available cars and the tracks around which players race were expanded greatly from the original. Online play allows the gamer to race against people from all over the World.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

X-Files Wallpaper

The X-Files is an American television series created by Chris Carter. The show first aired on September 10, 1993, and ended after a nine-year run on May 19, 2002. It's main characters and slogans ("The Truth Is Out There," "Trust No One," "Deny Everything," "I Want to Believe") became pop culture touchstones, simultaneously tapping into and inspiring a plethora of conspiracy theories, paranoia about the U.S. government, and belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Christina Aguilera Wallpaper

Christina María Aguilera is an American pop singer and songwriter. Born December 18th 1980 in Staten Island, New York, he was signed to RCA Records after recording "Reflection" for the film Mulan, and her bubblegum pop-influenced debut album Christina Aguilera (1999) was a critical and commercial success: it produced four hit singles, including "Genie in a Bottle", and helped Aguilera win a Grammy Award. A Latin pop album and a Christmas LP released during this period also sold strongly. In 2001, she participated in collaboration projects for Ricky Martin's Sound Loaded album and the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack.

Aguilera took creative control over her second studio album Stripped (2002), She contributed to several other artists' songs in 2004 and 2005 and married record executive Jordan Bratman.[1] Her third studio album Back to Basics (2006), which was preceded by the hit single "Ain't No Other Man", included elements of soul, jazz and blues music.

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Final Fantasy XIII Wallpaper

Thirteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series, and the first game of the series to be released on the Sony PlayStation 3. Unveiled at E³ 2006, the game features a high-tech futuristic world, and a heroine who wields a gunblade-type weapon. Motomu Toriyama is the director of the game. The storyline will focus on "those who resist the world."

Final Fantasy XIII will run on the "White Engine", a proprietary engine built for Square Enix's next-gen games. The game was originally planned for the PlayStation 2 but was later moved to the PlayStation 3 after the development team discovered the power of the platform.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tekken 5 Wallpaper

Tekken 5 is credited for taking the series back to its roots. It incorporates a faster, more fluid fighting system, improved graphics, returning characters, and some of the Tekken series' trademark infinite stages.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gears of War Wallpaper

A third-person tactical shooter from Epic, running on the Unreal Engine 3. Gears of War thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing story of humankind’s epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Kelly Hu Wallpaper

Actress Kelly Ann Hu was born February 13, 1968, in Honolulu, Hawaii, movie appearances include The Scorpion King (2002), Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) and X2 (2003). She provided voice talents for the popular video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

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Kasumi Wallpaper

A character from the Game series Dead or Alive, Kasumi, also known as "the Kunoichi of Destiny", is a female ninja skilled in the Mugen Tenshin Style of Ninjutsu. She was to become the 18th Master of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, but ran away in order to enter the Dead or Alive tournament. There, she hoped to defeat the one responsible for crippling her brother Hayate. By leaving the secretive ninja clan, she became a nukenin (runaway shinobi). This means that she must live on the run from her former comrades every day as they seek to silence the "traitorous" Kasumi.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Eureka Seven Wallpaper

Eureka Seven is a mecha anime by Bandai Entertainment and BONES. The series spawned three video games, produced by Bandai, and a manga adaptation of both the TV series and the video game TR1: New Wave. Eureka Seven tells the story of Renton Thurston and his adventures with a renegade group, the Gekko State, his relationship with Eureka, the enigmatic female pilot of the LFO Nirvash typeZERO, and the mystery of the Coralians.

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