Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liara T'soni Wallpaper Mass Effect

Liara Tsoni Wallpaper

Mass Effect Liara Tsoni Wallpaper

Liara Tsoni Fanmade Mass Effect Wallpaper

Mass Effect 3 Liara Tsoni Wallpaper
All sized 1600x900

Character from the Mass Effect Series of games developed by Bioware.  Dr.Liara T'Soni is an Asari born on the Planet Thesia and a principle character in the epic space saga.  At the series outset Liara is an Asari researcher, by close of  Mass Effect 2 she has become the galaxies Shadow Broker and finally assists Shepard in Mass Effect 3 as they battle overwhelming odds to defeat the Reapers and save the galaxy.

Fanmade wallpaper by "elderly"

Liara T'Soni Wiki

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